Taste makes waist, If at first you don't succeed then skydiving is not for you, It takes a Viking to raze a village, The early worm gets picked first, Where there's a will there's a lawsuit, Absence makes the heart go wander, Guns don't kill ammunition does, Duty is calling? We call back, An onion a day keeps everybody away, What doesn't kill you makes you stranger, Nothing succeeds like excess, The Lord is a shoving leopard, Live right Row daily Be positive Think smart Be strong Eat healthy Rotate early Breathe deeply Live clean Work hard Play hard Row hard Spend wisely Catch cleanly Live humbly Win graciously Lose graciously Stand tall Walk proudly Wash Boats Speak articulately Listen intently Laugh easily Tap-out correctly Love gently Pray constantly Focus intently Brush regularly Slow the Slide Floss daily Plan ahea


Next Event at Murwillumbah  
  NRRA Masters Championships
  Sunday 18 March 2018

Welcome to the picturesque Tweed River in the North East corner of New South Wales, Australia.
Located near the Queensland / NSW border, our climate allows us to row all year round on our Olympian quality 2000m rowing course.
The course is measured and marked every 250 metres for 2000 metres.

New members are encouraged and all new rowers receive the benefit of qualified and experienced coaching.

Clubhouse:   33 Tumbulgum Road,  Murwillumbah, NSW  2484
Postal:          PO Box 846, Murwillumbah, NSW  2484
Bank:            BSB: 082-738   Account: 57-492-6259 (not for HoTT)