Forms for an Aquatic Licence at MRC


There are 10 forms/pages/letters required for each Aquatic Licence and Regatta.

You need to give 6 to 8 weeks notice

All these need to be printed, completed, signed and given to a RMS office.  There is an address to send it to included in the covering letter #0.

It also needs a Credit Card number and authority  - see #8)
As at 2017, licence costs $191 for 1 to 3 days


HoTT is NOT exclusive use!
so does not need the advertisement


Tweed provides FREE WASTE BINS
(form #9)



#0 Covering letter/ RMS address

#1 RMS Application Form (Exclusive Use)
(editable PDF/ partially filled in)

#2 MRC venue maps (PDF)

#3 Operational Plan (PDF)

#4 Exclusive Use Advertising Acknowledgement

#5 Authorisation to use foreshore

#6 Authorisation for MRC representative

#7 RQI Certificate of Insurance Currency (PDF)
(needs annual update - get from RQI)

#8 RMS Credit Card Authority
(editable PDF)


#9 Application to Tweed Council for Waste Bins
(editable PDF partially filled in)
email to Yvette @ Tweed


#10) Letter to Tumbumgum Rd householders
(Letter-drop 2 weeks before regatta)
Print 60 copies (ie 30 pages of halfpage letter)



   Modified March 2016- TJR